Developing Your Vision With Our Expertise

Approaching 35 years of operation, FCA has acquired an extensive knowledge and experience base through a diverse set of award-winning projects, both local and international. We have a history of collaborating with other design firms to produce world-renowned centers of excellence and coordinating effectively with our consultants and contractors utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM). Our leading expertise empowers us to embrace complex problems and constraints, explore viable options, and fully align our clients' objectives. Words can only begin to define our industry-leading practice, as we are defined by the projects we produce.

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Successfully designed buildings possess qualities that enhance their surroundings, while being a place of inspiration and a model of influence. They meet all the logical and emotional needs of end users, bringing lasting value through designed solutions. The architecture produced at FCA reflects our expertise in designing optimized spaces for the people who use them. Our collaborative approach with clients and users is focused on creating buildings that are functional, flexible, resilient, and aesthetic. Whether domestic or international, our projects, are delivered with the high level of service our clients rely upon. //Learn More


Interior design

FCA designs interiors for projects ranging from research and rehabilitation to fine dining and commercial office. Environments designed for living and working need to foster creativity and innovation, enhance recovery, and heighten efficiency. Our project spaces are designed for optimum performance to match impactful design aesthetics. Our project leaders and designers develop strategies to deliver quality solutions with lasting value to our clients. Our projects range from hospitals, laboratories and research facilities, retirement communities, commercial office, and higher education. //Learn More



At FCA, planning for facilities in healthcare, research and development, and institutional care focuses on solving known problems and anticipating the needs of the future. We develop comprehensive frameworks of relationships between functional areas, schedule, budget, and priority. Our plans improve the quality of existing spaces and are designed to adapt for evolving spatial use. Near-term, long-term, grand or small scale projects can all benefit from the knowledge of our planners and designers.

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Specialty Consultation

As specialists, we offer our clients insight into what actions would optimize project efficiency, improve safety, and meet regulatory requirements. We devise strategies with partnering firms to bring achievable results with minimal impact to our shared visions. No matter the project scope, our team is able to bring positive change through our consulting services. Our services include building code analysis, life safety and accessibility assessments, feasibility studies, existing conditions assessments, and seismic solutions. //Learn More

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We are committed to employing sustainable solutions wherever possible. Sustainably designed spaces enhance our experience of the natural environment rather than competing with it. The sourcing of materials, how they affect us during their life cycle of use, and how they are disposed of are all important considerations that have a great impact on the future of our planet. Through conscientious design, we develop systems that maximize energy efficiency and minimize our impact on the environment. By providing environmentally sound alternatives to clients that are often cost saving or cost neutral, we hope to raise the bar for sustainability throughout the industry. We’re proud to have been awarded LEED Gold® certification for the city’s first seismically-isolated hospital and trauma center, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital.

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